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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Does anyone work in Austin, TX?

Hey it's Nick and Cindy - blogging from a Coffeeshop in Austin, TX. We have to be honest - the food here sucks, so we won't mention the name. We are watching our friend Daniel's band, Porterdavis. Not only are they a great band, but Daniel is housing us while we are in Austin... look, here they are playing:

We have been here for 2 1/2 days, but getting here was INDEED interesting! I'll go on, the night before we left New Orleans, Cindy went out to make sure the car was going to start, which of course it did not. This caused quite a disruption and created thoughts of living in swampy Louisiana forever more. That would not have been so bad if Myrna and Jerry were there to take care of us, but Cindy would miss Boston, her parents and Rose too much to consider it and Nick would be itching to get back to Cambridge after the effect of the drinking and the french wore off.

So, Triple A was called the next day and had the car towed to Johnny's Auto Repair - Jerry (Myrna's husband), drove us back to the house - not 45 seconds after we got back, Johnny called to say that it was all set. You see, it thought it had gotten into a car accident and took it upon itself to shut its fuel switch thing off. Johnny had reset it and Cindy gave him $10 and we were on our way.

The highways in Louisiana are funny. First of all, they're not really just highways, they're more like really long bridges that go through swamps for miles, with a river as a median instead of a patch of grass.

Nina(Nick's sister) bought us a book called "Eccentric America" which lists off seriously weird stuff all around the U.S. Since we were going to be driving through Houston on the way to Austin, we decided to see something weird: a house covered in beer cans. This guy drank all the beer that filled the cans that cover this house. It was interesting

Anyway, we made it to Austin after about 8 hours on the road that day. Austin is pretty. The Colorado river runs right through the middle of the city. That's right, the Colorado! The one that paved out the Grand Canyon. I know.

Austin has this wonderful claim:

People wait and wait for the bats, but sometimes they emerge once it's too dark to see them. At certain times of the year, there are as many as 1.5 million of them, and they all live under this bridge. They came out too late, two nights in a row. Bats are jerks.

One good thing came from waiting for the bats. A little boy from Tulsa, OK came over to Cindy and kept hugging her. Her mother said, "She's a stranger! Don't do that!" in a very nice Oklahoman way.

Austin is full of neon.

Cindy loves The Magnolia Cafe - open 24 hours and full of famous musicians. How many can you name? Nick knew all 3:

Nick uses the customary Austin huge pen.

We took a daytrip to San Antonio, since we heard it was nice, and there's the Alamo and such. The prettiest part of the city is the Riverwalk, which is this combination of pathways, tropical plants, and a greenish river, that weave their way through the city in a receded channel...

We ate at a restaurant whose ceilings were covered with junk. Good Mexican food...

Here is the Alamo. We just drove by. It looked cool, though.

Back to Austin. There is this huge river turned pool type public swimming area that we jumped into. The water is 68 degrees all year round. A bit chilly, but very nice.

We stayed in last night and talked to Daniel about what we were going to do the next day. He said "You're coming to yoga with me" - it was great and free. Now we want to throw our shoes away and celebrate the divine orchestra that is our bodies and be wrapped in the arms of Mother Earth.

Austin is like a big playground for all of its residents. There's swimming, free yoga, bat watching, free music, and free love. In all, we enjoyed Austin, but it's tough for any city to follow wonderful New Orleans. It reminds us a lot of Route 9, strips malls and ultra-hip parts of LA.

Music/Books in the car: We have really been digging the first disc of Ryan Adams' new record "Cold Roses" and "Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination" - a book on tape that we are loving.

Grand Canyon and Peter Mulvey show in Pheonix is up next!
We love you!
Nick and Cindy


At 6:39 PM, Blogger sneffani said...

hey hey hey
where's my postcard?

remember, coffee gives you the runs.
in somerville we use pocketbooks.
you can't claim dust bunnies as dependents on your tax return.

hope it's all fun and dandy.
say hello to the fellow howes family members in CA for me.
you'll be back just in time for my show, or rather shows! i got into a group show at Tufts.
well we must discuss such things as yellow feather masks and mint car when you return. loves to you both.

At 4:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the weird America book! The beer can house was majestic. Nick... hope you had fun with the big "pen"... sure it's just a pen....

At 5:18 AM, Blogger The First of the Gang to Die said...

your blog is awesome!!!!!!!!!
hey, so you finalley came down to georgia??????
let me know!!!

At 7:18 AM, Blogger Our Class Name said...

how do you have time to write this blog? it so rules. I am overly touched that you miss me. The beer can house (and all the possibilities suggested by the presence of that book in your car) is stellar.

my fave pic: Nick uses the standard Austin Huge Pen. Perfect: he looks so standard in it.

And I'm so excited for you to see Arizona - you won't believe the cactii. two i's? I thought those were just in Bugs Bunny cartoons and maybe in the sahara, but no - we have them.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger MattyMatt said...

you know, anywhere else but the gallant south, they'd have charged you $200 for towing and another $830 for resetting that switch. and you'd have wait a week for it to get done.
also: you're both adorable. i can't wait for you to get out to CA. i very much hope our paths can be made to cross.

At 11:12 PM, Anonymous professoreric said...

cindy! did you learn nothing from the "car accident" in maine? did you bake an apple crisp?


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