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Monday, May 09, 2005

I am moving to New Orleans

Hi! It's Cindy...
We left Atlanta on Saturday and drove straight over to New Orleans - it took so long, but we went right through Alabama and Mississppi. All I can say about those 2 states is that Alabama has a lot of red dirt and Mississippi has a lot of mosquitos. Nick did most of the driving and I fell alseep because I am best at that. He woke me up when we got to Lake Pontchartrain - it was around sunset, so I was lucky enough to get this shot:

We knew were we going to like New Orleans as soon as we got into the city - it looks a lot like New York City with tropics and palm trees. We quickly found the French Quarter - which is the old part of town - Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras and Hurricanes are all found here. This was our first view of it from the car...

Then we called Myrna to let her know we were in town. She is this amazing woman who lives in Algiers, a great historic neighborhood west of the Mississippi. She gave us directions and told us we would have to take a ferry over to get to her house. This was only the 3rd time my car has been on a ferry and the 2nd time it has been captured on film!

We met Myrna(who is a friend of Nick's dad's cousin's friend... please try and remember that), settled in and then went right back over to town on the ferry(which was free!). We didn't bring the camera that night, so there is no record of what we did, but I do remember drinking a strawberry daquari in the street! it was Saturday night, so there were tons of people out - lots of drinking, music, bead throwing and Hustler girls. We ate and then came back and went to sleep - really excited to get back the next day.
We got up and walked around Algiers and saw all the great houses. Myrna has a small grocery next to her house with a great description of the store's hours:

This is what I like about the south. The folks here are way laid back about most everything. For instance, not only can you drink alcohol in the streets(as long as it is not in a can or glass), but most places don't mind outside drinks and food.
Well, we got back to the French Quarter and took some more pictures and drank some more in the streets:

Here is a wedding parade in the street - I didn't get to see a New Orleans funeral, but this was the next best thing! There was a band playing and everyone in the wedding party was marching down the street. So great!

Nick eating a beignet from Cafe Du Monde - they are New Orleans donuts, served hot in the French Market. You get powdered sugar everywhere when you eat them. We saw a guy just dump a whole bunch of powdered sugar on a girl - he was just teasing and she wasn't screaming or upset. It was really sweet.

We went to the Garden district of the city via trolley and checked out the huge houses and pretty flowers - it was just OK.

Anne Rice used to live here, but we hear she has moved to San Diego. I don't blame her, San Diego has great weather!

We came across a couple of cemeteries. So weird to see the above ground graves - Nick said that people can't have basements here because of the same reason as these cemeteries.

Some night shots of the French Quarter...

For the last day, we met up with Bobby(who helped us find a place to stay with Myrna) and his friend Marshall - they took us out to a great lunch a seafood place in the French Quarter. They have been here for over 25 years and explained to us how the place has changed. They said 20 years ago, it was all an italian slum and now there are hotels being built everywhere. They were really cool and it was so nice of Bobby to introduce us to Myrna(who has a very cute new puppy).

We are leaving tomorrow and headed for Austin, TX to see all the sights and the Whole Foods. We're going to be staying with my friend Daniel Barrett of the band Porterdavis - he used to live in Somerville and relocated down to Texas.

Bye New Orleans, it was fun.



At 10:13 PM, Anonymous jinnie said...

NICE BANGS !!!!!! and nice blog. san francisco is beautiful HOPE THE ROADS ARE FUN

At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Bridget! said...

i love that you're doing this website thing. i am living the life through you.
ps. i got your postcard! thanks for the Rocky, i brotherly love you guys!

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous howesfam said...

You will scare Willie with those yellow feathers. Maybe he will be your friend.
love, mom

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