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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Los Angeles gave me a sunburn/Tire trouble on the 101

Hi - it's Cindy!
It's midnight here on the west coast and we have not had internet access since, like, yesterday... you can't imagine how frustrating that is to two kids in their 20's. I had to check my email the day before at Kinkos... KINKOS IS SO FUN...

this is a view of downtown LA from my friend Tom Brosseau's house. Pretty nice, but no one goes downtown. It's really empty even in the middle of the day.

We drove from Pheonix to LA on Sunday after a brisk workout in our hotel's teensy little gym. It all went off without a hitch - or it must have because I can't remember anything exciting happening. We listened to Steve Martin on tape and ate candy. We got to Hollywood around 4 PM and met my cousin, Mark outside his apartment. We decided to walk around - I have been to LA about 7 or 8 times, but this was Nick's first experience and Mark lives right in the heart of the tattoo/sex shop district on Hollywood Blvd.
here are some geeks waiting for the Star Wars movie - tent sponsored by Netflicks:

Leeza Gibbon's star.... why?.... but really.... Why?

Mark lives right near my favorite record store in LA - Amoeba Music. Mark conviently stuck his head in the picture at the last second. I like his style.

There is a Coffeeshop in LA that is owned and mostly operated by people from Walpole(our hometown) - You bet that we found it and took a picture of it:

Mark has a really cute dog named Rory - she is a Chow/Husky and she looks a lot like my first dog, Sasha. Rory got to come to breakfast with us the next day after a romp in the dog park:

at the dog park:

Nick said that he could see why LA has a lot of mudslides and a lot of house damage when it rains. There are many houses built on ledges and look like they are hanging on by a thread:

Oh - I forgot to mention, the night we arrived in LA, we treated Mark and his girlfriend Melissa to some dinner at the House of Blues. I thought I was being a hero, but really I ended up being a Zero because poor Melissa got food poisoning the next day! Geez, did I feel awful! She is so good spirited and such a good sport, but I don't think she'll be going back to the HOB for a LOOOONG time.

So, after the dog park and breakfast(Thank you Aunt Susie... indirectly), Mark and I just sort of hung out and got some Jamba Juice(i love it i love it) and Nick went off in my car to look at the city. Later, we met up with my friend Bill Fennell, who used to work at WBZ in Boston. We went out to eat on his dollar(Thank you Bill!!) and stayed at his house for the night on his temperpedic mattress(so nice!).

The next day, Nick went to San Diego to have a look and I met up with my good friend Tom Brosseau for a lot of fart jokes and a hike in Malibu. It was really great, hiking around. It was not too hot - I hiked there about a year back in July and it was a scorcher! I did get to go for a swim in Malibu Creek - it was so cold! Tom was commenting on how high the water was. California got a tank-load of rain last month and it still shows. It was then after the hike that i got another Jamba Juice and THEN we went to.... KINKOS!!! FOR OVER AND HOUR!!! Tom had some arts and crafts he needed to do and I had some sitting around I needed to do.
I'm just kidding... I have a good time just standing next to Tom while he takes a picture of himself

That night, Nick and I reunited at a great Mexican place with Tom, my friend Angie Correa and Tom's neighbors. That was fun! Huge burritos, water and more burning fart jokes... I almost went into cardiac arrest from the laughter and the tears.

After dinner, Nick and I went to Santa Monica to check out the beach. I thought it smelled bad, but Nick loved it. We walked on the boardwalk a little - the one with the famous carnival on it

we are at the beach at night.... rad.

After a quick coffee with Tom this morning, Nick and I were off to Northen California. We briefly stopped in Santa Barbara for some food, but I think Nick was so sick of ugly palm trees, that it is hardly worth mentioning. I love that place, though. So, I was rolling on the 101 North for about an hour when I suddenly noticed a really bad burning smell and saw smoke coming from the back of my car... pull over time! My tire popped on the 101! this was sad for Nick and I.

Luckily, a Christmas tree farmer was nearby and told us to let him know if we needed his help. We called Triple A and had the tire changed. The driver gave us good advice: don't sit in your car when broken down on the freeway. People tend to look at you and then sometimes - hit your car and then you die. yikes. We got a new tired at this place called Auto Valley Tire Something... the guy there was really nice. Everyone in that area was really nice!

We met our friends Matthew and James halfway to Watsonville(our final destination). They live in San Fransisco, but are going to be in LA while we are up there - it was so unfortunate, but great that we met up when we crossed paths. Nick found a nice beach, that I like to call "Big Hump Beach"

see why? More from Big Hump Beach:

more fun with New Orleans Mardi Gras masks at Big Hump Beach:

We grabbed a pizza and then parted and started the windy trail on The One - We've never driven on such a road! It was dark and overcast, but it was still so amazing! Right next to the ocean and so many mountains! We have no pictures because it was too dark and gray, but you must try this at least once! Everyone says it and they are all correct! So amazing. Also, because the weather was so drab, it felt like we were in Ireland... we should have listened to U2 or something, but I put "Disintegration" by The Cure on and that worked really nice. So many nice smells! Bliss and dizzyness!

We made it to Watsonville around 11 PM, it's about 90 minutes from San Fransisco. Nick's roommate Selena totally hooked us up with a sweet condo to stay in for the night. It is right by the beach and has like 7 beds in it. We will stay with her parents in Oakland which will be very convient for day trips to SAN FRANSISCO!!!

okay my lovies, I love you all,
Cindy and Nick(who at this time is not awake)


At 7:19 PM, Anonymous elisabeth said...

you are headed for my hooooome! watsonville is near santa cruz which is near my grandma. when you are in oakland you should go to berkeley and go to the amoeba and rasputin records on telegraph. you should also drive up my favorite road, FISH RANCH ROAD, and look at the views from the oakland hills. say hi to the east bay for me. i will see you in like a week-ish?! hooray


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