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Monday, May 23, 2005

San Francisco. Is this the end?

Hello Friends and Family,
This is Cindy- typing from the middle of San Francisco's Inner Richmond neighborhood. We are having car trouble, but more about that later!

San Francisco is good - Nick loves to walk around here because you can. There are many different methods of public transport. We have noticed the alarming number of homeless people here, the way the white kids say "Hella" ALL THE HELLA TIME, everyone is so skinny here, the staff in restaurants are also very flaky, the burritos are huge and plentiful, the monuments(like city hall) here are really huge and European and there is a lot of good shopping.

Look, here's the "Full House" house:

San Fransisco's famous city hall(I took this while I was driving!):

Here is The Palace of Fine Arts - this was in "Vertigo". Nick has delighted in pointing out everything in this city that was in "Vertigo". We are not sure what it is used for.

A view of the city from Market Street(also taken while driving)

The end of Haight Street - we like this street a lot! This is where all the Hippies were born.

Nick can take one hella hell of a picture

We have been staying with Nick's (festive/classy/robust)roommate, Selena's family in Oakland. Her mom and stepdad have given us the fancy treatment - their house is so nice. They live on a really crooked and steep street. We parked and then went to the city to explore a little. When we returned, we discovered someone had hit my car so bad that it was difficult to open the driver's door. We borrowed a hammer and then went to town on it until we could get the door open. It looks really awesome:

The first night we got here, we dined at The Cliff House - this really fancy place right on the ocean. Thanks to Mac(Nick's StepFather) for picking up the bill on that one - you have great taste! The place was so fancy that the waiter would only talk to Nick- "Are you ready to order, sir?" "How is everything, sir?". Awesome.

For the most part, Nick and I have been doing seperate things while we are here. He has walked around the city a lot and I have caught up with some friends that don't live here. I also ventured outside the city to see Mill Valley - that's where my friend Austin grew up. It was really pretty - like Brookline with more redwood trees and mountains. While I was sitting in the town square writing some post cards, my friend Debbie called. She lives in Boston, but was in town! We got together and had some smoothies. Later, I saw the band Earlimart at this club called Slim's on 11th Street. I got to hang out with my friend Joel, who plays guitars and things in Earlimart.
Look here we are having a good time:

The next day, Nick and I went to Muir Woods, just outside of the city. It is where The Ewoks lived in "Return of the Jedi" and also there are tons of tall redwoods there. It was magnificent.

We split up after that. I met up with Debbie again. We walked around and found a place to eat. Nick called me and said that the car was acting up - the check engine light had been coming on for awhile. He took it to a garage. It was a Saturday, so it was not open, but he was promised that it would be worked on the next day. ugh.
Debbie and I went to Golden Gate Park and found a lot of people hanging around a smoking weed. It was really strange. We were offered drugs a couple times. People were drumming - that made Debbie a little queasy because they were pretty bad and she has spent a lot of time in Ghana and has seen the real thing. I think it made me just plain queasy.
Some stoned people playing in the park...

Debbie(not stoned) in the park...

I met up with Amanda(my brother's girlfriend). We saw this jazz group at Cafe Du Nord. I thought they were pretty okay, but she didn't like them. The singer was this way to enthusiastic white girl with too many sparkles. We left and went to a 24 hour diner called Sparky's. That was a great place.

So, on Sunday we were supposed to leave and go to Las Vegas, but the car needed checking. Nick called the garage on Sunday and was told that it would be looked at on Monday. gah. We are stuck here for some time, but we are grateful that we are in San Fransisco and not Bakersfield... ha.
On Sunday after a great breakfast with Barbara and Walter(the kind folks we are staying with), we split up again. Nick walked to Berkeley and loved the tiny little college town. It was graduation day. He congratulated every graduate. I met up with Amanda again and we went to Ocean Beach where it was so windy! Wicked Hateful Wind! We did see a flock of Pelicans fly overhead and that was really awesome.
Nick and I got together again and met up with Matthew and James(friends who live in SF, but were in LA this weekend) and went to a crazy Tiki Bar. It was so uncool, it was almost cool. We heard a great version of Santana's "Smooth" done by the house band - they were floating on a boat in the middle of the bar. I am not kidding.
We slept at Matthew and James' apartment last night and here we still are waiting to hear on the car. We might not get it fixed if it is too much money. I might be leaving that noble beast behind in San Francisco - what a way for it to go out, though. We will see!!!

Love Cindy and Nick


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Palace of Fine Arts was built for some kind of International Exposition in 1915 (I think), and when they were getting ready to tear it down after the Expo, the town protested and petitioned the city to keep it. It was restored with concrete (the original one was plaster) a few decades lader.

Cindy taught me about triple deckers, and I taught her about rice stick noodles.

I think I'll keep her here for a few days...

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy and Nick,

Sorry to hear about the dead beast! I guess it did all it could to make it 1/2 half way. Hope to see you in Boston.


At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodbye to the 'Fairy Car". You're leaving her in SF, but don't leave your heart!
See you soon
Love, mom

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous L-Ha said...


At 8:38 AM, Anonymous concerned vertigo fan said...

muir woods was also in vertigo.....your welcome

At 10:03 AM, Blogger America Friends! said...

Actually, the Vertigo scene, although I too believed it was shot in Muir Woods, was shot twenty miles south of San Francisco, near where Hitchcock lived. But the log with the rings on it is there, just like in the movie, so I have no idea.



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