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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Southwest is dramatic

posted by Nick!
Alors, we left Austin on Friday morning, and were on our way. After driving for hours and hours and hours, we finally reached El Paso, which is right on the border of New Mexico and Old Mexico. We didn't stop in the city, but it was nice to see some civilization after hours of tiny towns. The Texas landscape ended up being quite beautiful, but knowing that it was Texas kind of took away from the beauty.

New Mexico is really beautiful (The word beautiful is going to come up a lot in any description of the Southwest). There are lots of red-dirt-colored mountains surrounded by completely flat valleys, and most of the vegetation is this light green color. Very nice. This one was taken in NM.

I had read about "White Sands National Monument" in one of my guidebooks, so we decided to go see what it was all about. The guide said it was a gypsum sand deposit in the middle of a valley that used to be a lake, or something to that effect. It was wonderful. Once we climbed into the bright white sand dunes, it looked as though we were in the Sahara, except someone bleached it. Photo shoot, naturally.

The white sand makes for a wonderful photo shoot backdrop.

Nick dances with the camera.

Yes, I do enjoy sand!

Dramatic Nick

Joyous Nick

Then other shots

No, this isn't snow.

More drama

Right outside the dunes

This one reminds Cindy of a Boris McCutcheon record cover: look here now

This is just too much to handle.

We continued driving for a few hours, and decided to put off the Grand Canyon until we come back that way on the return trip. We made it into Arizona, which has lots of petrified trees.

That is a tree stump! So many colors!

The arid landscape soon transitioned into a pine forest high in the mountains, in the Flagstaff area. I commented on this, saying that I would never have believed I was in Arizona had someone stuck me there without telling me where I was. Cindy said it looked like Yogi Bear lived in the area.

As we descended from Flagstaff, the pine trees disappeared, and the desert scrub reappeared, but this time, there were cacti everywhere! Real ones!

We made it to Phoenix, where we're staying in a hotel lovingly provided by Uncle Bud(Happy Birthday yesterday!), and headed up to Yuppie valley,or rather, Cave Creek, to see Peter Mulvey play. It was good.

Then we went to bed. Today, off to L.A.

your friends, Nick and Cindy


At 6:06 AM, Anonymous bridget! said...

nick! are you making a movie of your trip? the pictures are wonderful. if you are not, then we will have to tape some dramatizations, and reentactments (all in norwood of course) and make the movie you would have made to document your trip.
ex. this chapter would take place in a sandbox near the south norwood town pool.

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Our Class Name said...

hey cindy and nick, my mom and I also went to the petrified forest - was really cool. but I think the white sands was cooler, and I haven't been there. great pictures... are you having huge adventures? what does it feel like? what is the meaning of "adventure"?


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