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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Virginia Beach/Drive all the way to Atlanta? Wait, No... Wait, yes...

Hi, It's Cindy!

I changed the settings on the blog, so anyone can leave a comment. Come on! It's fun and makes us feel famous!

Okay - We left Philly today. A big THANK YOU to Lizanne Knott for letting us stay in her house and also for her bananas. Wow that seems like forever ago. Before I go on about what we did today, check out these rad pictures Nick took of the super hip bartender-girl checking out the jukebox at the Lickety Split in Philly:

so cool.

So, anyways... I suppose the 3 big adventures of the day were meeting our old 4H friend, Katie, at her house for lunch in Delaware(tator tots and turkey hot dogs!), crossing this REALLY long bridge in Maryland that goes over the Chesapeake Bay - I forget the name of it now and Nick will probably fill it in for me later(EDIT: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel) - and going to Virginia Beach. We took some picture of the beach - it was trashy! Kind of like Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. There weren't that many people there because it's still sort of off-season and it was cold - so that was good. Take a look:


Friends at the beach

Cindy flying an invisible kite

Those are all hotels in the back! so many

There's that kite. . . . sidenote: I bought that kite in Manchester-By-The-Sea . . . .

Showing my Somerville styles at VA Beach... yawr Virginiar...

After the beach we drove to Chapel Hill, NC expecting fun and friends, but we decided we hate Chapel Hill. It was about 40 degrees out and there were tons of girls walking around with skin showing in all sorts of places going "It's soooo cold!" . . . . Lame. Lahaaaame. Sorry, no pictures of lame girls allowed on the Driving Friends Blog.

We almost drove all the way to Atlanta(we would have driven all night and arrived somewhere around 6 AM) because we were so excited to get to Uncle Bud and Susie/didn't want to pay for a hotel, but decided that Susie would be mad at us and we didn't want to die. We drove to interstate 85 and got off at what seemed like a good exit and found a Microtel that was pretty cheap. The desk clerk's name is Malcolm and he has a lot of gold teeth.

Also, there are a lot of subdivisions, abandoned houses/farms and tractors in people's driveways in the south. Those are some things I have noticed.

Good music for today: The Latin Playboys through Virgina, Vince Guaraldi Trio over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Tori Amos' "Ireland" song on "The Beekeeper" has become the theme song of the trip. Nick loves it... he never doesn't want to hear it.

okay - that's all from the Microtel... more from Atlanta later...
Cindy (and slumbering Nick)
ps - happy Cinco De Mayo to you and yours!


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Lo Rin said...

Those were some cool pictures, especially the bartender lady (obviously). Glad you decided not to drive all the way to Atlanta because sketchy hotels are the best.

At 6:56 AM, Anonymous georgette oosting (swain) said...

hi nick and cindy...i'm nina's college friend georgette...hopefully you remember me. i saw that your itinerary includes san francisco and wanted to let you know that my parents live about three hours from there up in the hills of bumfuck calaveras county. perhaps you have heard of a little writer called MARK TWAIN? and perhaps you are aware that he wrote a little story entitled THE JUMPING FROGS OF CALAVERAS COUNTY? perhaps you don't know, however, that there are indeed jumping frogs in calaveras county at the JUMPING FROG JUBILEE and COUNTY FAIR. several world records for longest frog jumps have been set in this very county. rudi (my hubalicious hubby) and i are moving across the country on the 19th of may, so we will miss you, but if you want to check out the country in california: some hills, some cows, some rednecks, some big trucks, you are most welcome here. the frog jump itself is held some time in may. give me a call if you wish to include frogs, beer, and trucks on your trip. my parents don't mind visitors at all; after all, rudi and i have lived in the back bedroom for two years. love, georgette ps. call nina for my number...i don't want to post it on the web and get crazy frog fetishists calling my poor mother late at night and ribbeting.


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